Welcome to Prophecy, a fanlisting for Odin Sphere, a very awesome game for the playstation 2. Feel free to look around, or join if you're a fan! This fanlisting is approved by The Fanlistings.Org.


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October 26th, 2008
Another affiliate added, this time for the GrimGrimoire fanlisting. Go check it out! A new layout should be coming soon as well, because this site really needs one. xD

August 18th, 2007
Added another affiliate, the Ingway & Mercedes fanlisting.

August 11th, 2007
Added two affiliates, the Oswald fanlisting and the Gwendolyn & Oswald fanlisting.

Odin Sphere belongs to Atlus and Vanillaware. I'm in no way affiliated with either. This site is a fan effort only.

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